MOPL’s CSR Policy
MOPL’s (Mohini Organics Pvt Ltd) ideology of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on the give and take principle. It has always thrived to give back to the society in return to what is received from society in the form of raw materials, human resources, etc.

MOPL is on a constant look out to identify the need in its local area and undertakes projects and programmes. It has focussed on initiatives which cause sustainable impact in elevating the existing education, health, sanitation and living conditions of the underprivileged sections of society thereby creating a quality human capital for the country.

Some of the projects which MOPL has focus on are:
• Regular contribution towards care and education of children suffering from serious diseases.
• Promoting efforts undertaken towards improving the well-being of elderly and differently abled people.
• Contribute towards any such Government initiatives leading to build a stronger and empowered nation.

The CSR Committee constantly executes and monitors these activities to reach out to maximum needy people.

Our Policy
To create a visible and sustainable impact in improvement of education, health, sanitation and living conditions and thereby bring a positive change in the society we live in.
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