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Mohini Organics commenced operations of manufacturing the Specialty Chemical Products in 1992, with the background of Chemical Trading which was initiated by Mr. Mahavir Kanoi in 1976 by starting the trading activity in the name and style of Shree Marketing Enterprises for single product Guar Gum, Agro based very effective product for gelling applications and further used in many more applications and later added the products like Sorbitan Oleate, Perchloric acid etc. The aggression in the trading activity led to serve the local as well as export market for the product Guar Gum.

During 1992, company got the opportunity to supply the product Sorbitan Mono Oleate for the Explosive Applications as an Emulsifier for the Bulk Explosives as well as Packaged Explosives. The product has been developed and the Plant has been planned to install at MIDC, Tarapur Industrial Area, which is about 100 Kms from Mumbai on Mumbai Ahemedabad Highway. The testing facility for the finish products as well as raw materials has been installed at the plant itself.

With the initial planned capacity for one single product Sorbitan Mono Oleate of 10 MT/month and only motto to serve the Explosive Industry commenced the production in June 1992. The emphasis on quality and the continuous developments of the range of products, today we have two plants operating at Tarapur MIDC and having the total plant capacity to produce 2400 MT’s/annum of all the listed surfactants. All products manufactured in these plants are strictly made from the Vegetable Based raw materials only and no Animal origin products are used.

The support from the clients was tremendous and this has led to develop the products for the various applications and today we serve the industry for the application in Explosives, Cosmetics, Textile Auxiliaries manufacturers, Ethoxylators, Leather Chemical Manufacturers, Food Additives, Oil Drilling Chemicals, Spray Oil Emulsifiers, Lubricant manufacturers etc.

The satisfaction of the clients at the local Indian market has given the confidence and began serving the export market with acceptance of quality in areas of South Africa, U.S., Iran, Gulf Countries etc.

The raw materials has been also of the equal importance and have concentrated on this area to get the consistent quality from the major sources, have also benefited economically as well as in terms of maintaining the consistent quality of the finished products.

The success is not all that completed and still having the similar thirst of development and planning to develop the Specialty esters, Emulsifiers and products that are of importance to the local industry, so it reduces the incoming imports of these range of products and also concentrating an competing with products world wide.

The development of the customer specific requirements is the major interest and we welcome such developments, which satisfies the customer and gets the opportunity to introduce their final products and finally satisfies us after serving such requirements.

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